About Humaneitarian

Caroline and pigAfter I moved to Vermont and began writing about food issues as a journalist, I decided to give up factory farmed meat. It was 2009, and even though grass-fed and organic meats were available, I soon found that there was no online resource to help people shift their daily eating habits toward humane products. So I coined the word humaneitarian and put together this website, drawing on my decade as a newspaper reporter. (I worked at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for six years; currently I am the editor of Vermont’s Local Banquet, a quarterly food & farming magazine.)

Being an “ordinary eater” (I’m not a farmer or animal scientist, and not affiliated with any food company or advocacy organization) has allowed me to figure out what ordinary eaters need to know to eat humanely. I’ve also learned quite a lot from my part-time work on dairy and livestock farms in Vermont. Because this website tries to tackle a big and often emotional topic, I’ve tried to present it as accurately and fairly as possible. I hope it will be of help.

Please write with feedback. Share your experience of being a humaneitarian. And keep the animals in mind.

Caroline Abels (Carrie)
Founder/editor, Humaneitarian.org