About Humaneitarian

Carrie in Colorado cow circle 2After I moved to Vermont and began writing about food issues as a journalist, I decided to give up factory farmed meat. It was 2009, and many grass-fed and organic meats were available, but there was no online resource that provided guidance on how to shift one’s daily eating toward humane products. So I coined the word humaneitarian and put together this website, drawing on skills from my decade as a newspaper reporter. (I previously wrote for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and am currently the editor of Vermont’s Local Banquet, a quarterly food & farming magazine.)

Being an “ordinary eater” (I’m not a farmer or animal scientist, and not affiliated with any food company or non-profit) has allowed me to figure out what ordinary eaters need to know to eat humanely. I’ve also learned quite a lot from my part-time work on dairy and livestock farms in Vermont. Because this website tries to tackle a big and often emotional topic, I’ve tried to present it as accurately and fairly as possible. I hope it will be of help.

Please write with feedback. Share your experience of being a humaneitarian. And keep the animals in mind.

Caroline Abels (Carrie)
Founder/editor, Humaneitarian.org