Alternative Options

3  creative ways
to buy humanely raised meat…

 (if you can’t find it at your farmers’ market or grocery store)


1. Order meat by mail:

It’s always best to buy meat that was raised near you, to keep your carbon footprint low. But if you don’t live close to a farmers’ market, or your local supermarket doesn’t sell meat that matches your morals, try ordering frozen cuts online. (Just keep in mind that you’ll encounter shipping costs.) Here are some independent meat suppliers that ship nationally and make humane animal care a priority:

White Oak Pastures »

White Oak logoThis impressive Georgia farm sells a wide range of meats through its online store. Beef, pork, lamb, rabbit, goat, chicken, duck, geese… even pet treats. All the animals at White Oak are raised outdoors, on pasture, and rotationally grazed. The farm, run by legendary rancher Will Harris and his family, is also humane certified and certified organic. Some very helpful info about their shipping policies and philosophy can be found here.

Duba & Company »

Duba & Co.Jeff Duba sells meat from animal breeds that were once prominent in American agriculture but are now rare because of factory farming. Heritage breeds tend to be more flavorful and robust, and for some people that takes getting used to, but folks who try heritage meats tend to become converted. Just keep in mind that these meats are often more expensive (and there are good reasons for that). Check out Duba & Company’s online store and learn about the farms that are supplying this unique Michigan-based company. Here is some shipping info.

Ranch Foods Direct »

ranch-foods-directThis online shop sells beef from Mike Callicrate’s ranch near Colorado Springs. The cattle are fed grain during the second half of their lives, so keep in mind that they’re not entirely grass-fed. (Some consumers prefer the marbling that comes with grain feeding.) Buffalo, elk, goat, lamb, veal, and pork are also for sale, as well as pet foods. You can also buy in bulk from his Cowpool program. Mike is an advocate of humane treatment; his slaughter facility is Animal Welfare Approved and he invented a widely-used humane castration bander for male animals. Plus, he is transparent about what he does; you can visit the ranch any time.


2. Join a meat CSA:

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3. Buy in bulk from a farmer:

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a chest freezer!

Whether you buy meat online, from a CSA, or in bulk, you may not have enough room in your kitchen freezer to store it all. Don't let lack of freezer space keep you from buying humanely raised meat!

Investing in a standalone chest freezer (or upright freezer) could actually save you money because it allows you to buy humanely raised meat in greater quantities - which often means lower prices.

Here is a great guide from Consumer Reports on what to know about buying a freezer.