How to contribute your own story

Your Stories” is a page that features inspiring personal stories by people who eat (or are trying to eat) humanely raised meat. It’s where you can read about meat eaters who are making different choices for the sake of farm animals. And it’s where you can go if you feel like you’re the only person in the world trying to eat humanely — because you’re not!

How it works: To share your story — about why you eat humanely raised meat, and how it’s going — send along a short piece of writing (using this form) that talks about:

  • why you eat humanely
  • what inspired you to start
  • how it’s going for you
  • the challenges and joys
  • which humane brands you buy
  • how you cook or budget for these products
  • your thoughts about the humane meat movement

I’ll lightly edit your submission, get your final OK, then post it here. (A photo is optional). We can use your full name or just your first name; and your town & state or just your state.

One day it might be commonplace to hear about people who eat meat only if it’s been raised humanely. Until then, let’s read about each other.

— Caroline Abels, founder/editor of Humaneitarian

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